All of our Polyurethane Replica Wood is manufactured to a high quality at our plant in Telford using textured grains identical to natural oak. Available in a range of Sharp colours, Replica Wood is designed to replace your rotting, unsightly wood exteriors to give you a long lasting, low maintenance alternative, that saves you money and adds value to your home.

Our Polyurethane Replica Wood
gives you the following benefits...

Weather Resistant

Unlike normal wood, which suffers considerably at the hands of lashing rain and harsh winters, our Replica Wood is hardly affected.

Long Lasting

Lasting considerably longer than normal wood, our Replica Wood is backed by a 15 year Guarantee.

Low Maintenance

Made with Polyurethane. A hard wearing, durable, long lasting material.

Oak Grains

Manufactured to a high quality using textured grains indistinguishable from natural oak.


Weighing approximately 1kg per metre, Replica Wood is easy to manoeuvre and install.

Sharp Colours

Using our unique manufacturing process, our Replica Wood is available in a range of distinct, sharp colours that are chemically bonded to the Polyurethane core. Bespoke colours manufactured to order.

Seamless Installation

Using our specially designed mock Tudor pegs, our Replica Wood gives your home an authentic Tudor style that is seamless and free of unsightly fixings.

Money Saving

Our Replica Wood is low maintenance, meaning no more regular expensive refurbishment. It also adds value to your home, helping it stand out to potential buyers.